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The groundbreaking free app from Skin Rocks that brings Caroline Hirons, globally qualified, award winning skincare expert and Sunday Times Bestselling author, directly into your pocket.

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Skin Rocks is free to provide better skin for everyone, regardless of age, skin tone or knowledge. We’re here to revolutionise the way you discover skincare. Our recommendations are tailored to you.

Download Skin Rocks App for free, create a profile and answer questions about your skin. With over 10,000 products and growing, for users to explore with smart search filters, Skin Rocks simplifies the world of skincare.

Find the right product for your skin

Use our smart search filter to explore over 10,000 skincare products globally.

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On each product page you will see guided ‘You Need This If….’ and ‘You Don’t Need This If…’ recommendations, personally written by skincare expert Caroline Hirons.

It’s a match

Your skin profile means that the best-matched products are clearly highlighted, so you know if it’s particularly suited to you and your skin concerns.


From Caroline Hirons and our team of experts, Skin Rocks is a curated encyclopedia of skincare knowledge. With guides that tell you how to build your routine, cheat sheets, top tips and ingredient breakdowns. Everything you need to know about skincare, all in one place.

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Keep track of the products you own and more importantly, the ones you want.

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